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Games in the cloud

With cloud computing sector is estimated to be worth $ 241 billion in 2020, it is no doubt that it is big business. What used to be mostly a B2B service is now used by consumers on a day to day whether its to store documents or consume content. Spotify & Dropbox are classic examples of cloud services that are extremely favored by consumers. An industry where the cloud is too big is the video game specific types built for a smartphone or tablet. No one can doubt the success of angry birds that have now passed a billion downloads.

Despite the obvious value in this & cloud-based video game, it was announced that an on-demand video game service on Live, was snapped up by a venture capital group for just $ 4.8mn. Analysts had earlier indicated that the company could be worth as much as $ 1.8bn. According to experts, if the offer had not taken place OnLive would have fought to preserve and advertise their patents and intellectual property to significantly reduce their bargaining power. Investors in the organization is believed to have lost millions as they were told that they would only be compensated if any capital was retained when the debts had been paid. Some of the investors are BT, HTC and AT&T. On live leverages the cloud to let subscribers play premium video games over the internet without using a console. Users can also play video games on the Tablet PC, smartphone or TV. OnLive & similar services is believed by some to be the future of the gaming industry and it's easy to see why with OnLive has more than 1.5 million active users. The announcement comes after a massive year for the cloud video game market that saw OnLive rival, snapped Gaikal by Sony for $ 380mn. With Sony, currently developing the Playstation 4 is the expected Gaikal tech to be exploited. With Sony apparently makes a move into cloud gaming industry, it is exciting to see if Microsoft & Nintendo will make a similar move. The two companies are quite heavily dependent on the cloud offers services such as Netflix & BBC iPlayer through their consoles. If Sony could make themselves standout in the console market in particular gives users the ability to play video games without their console. Only time will tell how the industry will change, but one thing is certain, the clouds won't clear anytime soon. Alex Smith is a technology blogger interested BYOD and understanding Cloud Computing solutions. The games industry is changing with cloud services that are becoming more and more popular. It follows the trend of the consumer market and companies such as

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