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PlayStation 3 Troubleshooting - Advice for When Your PS3 Stops Working!

The Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console is an amazing piece of technology. Graphically speaking, there is no other gaming system platform that can beat it. The selection of games gets better every day, and the Blu-Ray player is an excellent add-on (those Blu-Ray movies are visually stunning). Those who own a PS3 (that is properly working) hardly ever complain about it.However, like ANY piece of technology, it does have its flaws. To date, there isn't a piece of technology in the market that is 100 percent "break-proof." Even the PlayStation 3 needs to be fixed from time to time. If and when a PS3 breaks down, it causes owners to search the Internet vigorously for reasons why their PS3 isn't working and ways to get it fixed.It is my hope that this article will help you out.There are several possibilities as to why your PS3 might not be working properly. Before we even get into the possible "big" problems, let's do a basic check right now...Step 1: Check if there's a loose cable. Sometimes, your PS3 might not be working simply because the cables aren't plugged in (seems like an obvious thing, but you don't know how many times that I've thought my PS3 was broken only to find that the plug fell out of the wall).Step 2: Unplug all cables, and then carefully plug them back in. This is done just to make sure that all cables are connected securely. Simply looking at a cable that "appears" to be connected is not enough.Step 3: If you have an external hard drive, try unplugging it and starting up the PS3. Sometimes, there is a malfunction with the external hard drive that causes the PS3 to keep itself shut down.Step 4: Try out other games and see if they work. The problem could be with one particular game disc itself, and not the gaming console.Did any of these methods work? If not, let's explore what the "symptoms" are by troubleshooting the PlayStation 3...A. "My PS3 has a Yellow Light (either blinking or solid) where the Green Power light usually is."

B. "My PS3 has a Red Light (either blinking or solid) where the Green Power light usually is."

C. "My PS3 is displaying "error code: XXXX" when I turn it on."

D. "My PS3 simply won't turn on."

E. "My PS3 keeps freezing (during game play or when on the main menu)."

F. "When my PS3 turns on, the screen either stays black or turns red in color."

G. "My PS3 won't play Blu-Ray discs any more, but all others work."Do any of the above statements sound familiar to you? These are common scenarios (especially statements A and B). Many other people have experienced one or more of these errors. The problem is deeper than just a loose cable or a bad disc. Most of the time, the problem has to do with either overheating or a faulty console laser (the component that reads the discs). These problems are not easy to deal with, but they CAN be fixed.Well, what can you do about this? I have some advice for you...For starters, please DON'T think that you can just "pop open" the PS3 and begin adjusting things around on the inside. Unless you receive proper instruction on what to do, you are only going to make the problem worse.Second, I wouldn't suggest sending your PS3 back to Sony (unless you're still under warranty). It could cost you in upwards of $150 for Sony to repair your console. On top of that, your hard drive will be wiped out, causing you to lose all data. AND on top of that, there is always the risk of further damaging your PS3 console during the shipping process.Check out my blog if you want any additional information.

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